City Thrasher Cruiser Skateboard - White

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Key feature
The Mini Cruiser was shaped for riding in the city with its concave nose and tail for doing tricks and getting over obstacles around town.


Products benefits

Rigid 7-ply wood deck. 8.267" wide.
Ease of handling
61 mm wheels favour propulsion and acceleration.
Stiff concave wood deck.
Concave deck with nose and tail for precise trajectory control.
Glide performance
ABEC 7 bearings for glide performance and soft wheels (78A) for comfort


Woodboard skateboard : 100.0% Wood skate trucks : 100.0% Aluminium Skate wheels : 100.0% Polyurethane (PU) Bearing : 100.0% Iron
Designed to :
cruising and getting around town.
2 years


Storage Tips
Store in a cool, dry place.
Not suitable for users weighing over 100 kg.

Additional information

What is this skateboard for?
This skateboard is designed for cruising, making it the perfect board for getting around town! Just the right size for short trips around town and for getting past small obstacles. Weaves through the crowds no problem.
What are this board's dimensions?
7 plies (2 layers of Canadian maple, 5 layers of birch). Dimensions: 29.13" (74 cm) x 8.26" (21 cm). Flex: Stiff. Concave deck: curved deck lengthwise with dipping shape. This shape gives you better precision and makes the board more responsive to changes of direction. Shape with nose and tail to perform tricks and make it easier to get over obstacles (such as street kerbs).
What is the glide like on this cruiser skateboard?
The polyurethane wheels measure 61 mm: smaller size for improved speed and handling. Hardness: 78A, soft for better comfort and good grip. WARNING: these wheels are not suitable for slides. ABEC7 bearings for very good glide performance.
What type of trucks?
Aluminium trucks with a classic geometry. Polyurethane bushings, 95A hardness.
How much does this skateboard weigh?
2.7 kg.

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