Valerie chef de produit trottinette junior oxelo

Valérie Wauters - Junior product manager scooter

"I'm extremely fortunate to be able to work on a product that is synonymous with PLAY and FUN in the minds and daily lives of young users."

Who are you Valérie?

"Working at Oxelo means having good reasons to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face... and keep it there all day long!"

I've been working at Decathlon for 14 years. While I'm more of an athlete in spirit than a dedicated player, I love sports in general, and especially Nordic walking, running, water skiing, alpine skiing, and dancing. I'm barely passable at volley, a disaster at football and downright awful at basketball! But I love the smiles, the camaraderie, and the shared moments of fun and pleasure that they create!

In concrete terms, my current job consists of observing and understanding the needs and desires of our/your children and young users in their favourite spots for play and sports. All this for a single purpose: help our entire team working on the "Oxelo Junior Scooter" project to think up, innovate and design scooters which they would be proud to see their own children play on ... and yours!

The ultimate pleasure I get from my job is the smile on a child's face who has discovered the magic of riding, or finally managed to keep their balance for the first time on one of "our products", or a little girl being attached to "HER scoot'r", or the joy and friendship shared between a group of friends as they enjoy a new skatepark or head to school "differently" and get to see their town from a new perspective!

Not to mention the pleasure seen in the eyes of grandparents who come to our stores at Christmas or for a birthday to find "the" perfect gift! A gift that will help their grandchild to enjoy a new experience—a physical activity that is healthy, simple, and safe—and at the best price.

Valérie has designed these products for you