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Mylène Mercier - Roller engineer adults & kids

"Customer satisfaction is THE motivation that drives me to continually push myself to excel in product design."

Who are you Mylène?

"All our products are tested by long-term users, children who are part of associations who practice skating"

Mylène, age 37 and mother of a 7-year-old boy My passion sports are: inline skating, of course, but also running, dancing, and fitness.

I joined Oxelo 5 years ago as a roller sports product engineer. I started to skate at a very young age wearing roller skates (the old kind with leather straps), then the quads came along with high-top trainers, followed by inline skates. When I finished college, my dream was to work at Decathlon! That dream came true in 2011—and continues today!

Customer satisfaction is THE motivation that drives me to continually push myself to excel in product design. It's important to me that our customers like our products and recommend them. When I go to a Decathlon store, I'm proud to show my son the fruit of my labours. I'm even more proud when he tells me, "Mum, I love your brand and Decathlon", or to overhear him tell his friends, "My mum works at Decathlon and makes skates."

I love getting out on the field and seeing our users and testers. It's a vital source of information for my job. I need to know the ways our users skate in order to make better design choices. For example, when designing the FIT 3 JR, I spent a full week with an organisation watching children skate with our first prototypes. I noticed that the children spent a lot of time on the ground. When they fell down, very often their feet would scrape against the ground, causing the skates to wear down prematurely. Thus the need to design products that are abrasion-resistant and select the materials best suited to meet that requirement.

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