Pourquoi alterner la jambe porteuse en trottinette  ?

Why switch your pushing leg when scootering?

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If your scooter trips are relatively long and regular, you will notice that your pushing leg gets tired and you will go more and more slowly... There is just one solution: learn to change your pushing leg from time to time, in order to gain endurance and balance your strength. We will explain the right reflexes to have in order to push both feet like one person!



Changing feet for better endurance

Always pushing the scooter with the same foot can be tiring. By only using one leg, all of your effort relies on just a few muscles… that get tired more quickly! This is even more true if you have to climb a steep hill.

During your trips, alternate your pushing foot regularly as soon as you feel the first signs of fatigue on your leg. It is very easy to change your pushing foot: put both feet on the board, then lift the other foot to push. You'll see, you will find the right position naturally!

If your leg feels too tired, just get off your scooter and walk for a bit to recover actively!



Position yourself well for less effort

Scooters are also a matter of posture. For the least possible fatigue, here are a few reflexes that will always be useful:

- Flat and building speed: push with your foot in a motion that is parallel to your board. You will be faster and more stable. Just put your toes on the ground, so the effort is distributed between your thigh and calf. The foot that is on the board should be placed fully on the board, in the direction of travel.

- Climbing a steep slope: alternate your pushing foot. The foot on the scooter should be turned 45° towards your pushing foot: this will promote the right bend in your leg, which will help your effort.

- Downhill: during a descent, stay upright (three-quarters facing the direction of travel) and straighten your legs to avoid the effort of bending them. This is the time when your body gets least fatigued... take advantage of it to recover before going for a new burst of energy!



Alternate your pushing leg for balanced strength

Balanced strength means that there is not much difference in strength between your two legs. If you always push with the same foot, you are only working the muscles of one leg. The other leg stays straight.

Alternating the pushing leg and the support leg is a good solution for strengthening both your legs without needing to go to the gym!

Alterner la jambe porteuse en trottinette


Your posture on the scooter allows you to save a lot of energy! Pair this position with frequent changes of the pushing leg, and long scooter trips will become child's play. Try it out!




Olivier Butel
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