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[VIDEO] Maintenance and repairs: How do you install a child carrier on your scooter?

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Have you ever wondered, just for a few minutes, what it's like for children to travel? You probably quickly realised that it's impossible for them to enjoy the show to the full! Here at Oxelo, we wanted to put children in the front row during your trips around town. 

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Rides for two on your scooter with your child have never been easier!

Decathlon's Stéphane Pipart, the inventor of the child carrier, chose Oxelo to answer a simple question: how can a trip for two on a scooter be made simple and fun? The child carrier can be adapted to all the scooters in the Oxelo urban mobility range. It's easy to install and lets you ride with your child with just a few minutes of prep. Riding on your scooter with your child has never been easier! In this video, find out how to install and use the Oxelo child carrier, designed for getting around while carrying your child on your scooter.


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