Has your little one been watching you on your scooter and now wants one of their own? Are you ready to teach your child to ride? We've got a few tips to start you both off on the right foot.


The first step for anyone who wants to ride a scooter is to choose the right equipment. Let your child be involved in choosing their scooter, not just for their safety but to make it more fun. They will be more motivated to learn if they pick one they like and feel good on. Depending on your child's age, size and dexterity, you may need to make a few adjustments. Opt for a well-made scooter that is light but also stable and reliable. Be sure to choose the right size and model: don't force your child to ride a 2-wheeled scooter if they feel better on three wheels. You'll also want a brake for younger children (for greater stability). Safety is essential: remember to buy a helmet, knee pads and elbow pads. Explain why they are necessary: rather than a constraint, they help make riding more fun!


For first steps – or rather, first rides – choose calm areas (a car park, home, park square). There's no reason to stress your child (or yourself) unnecessarily. As you probably already know, smooth ground is the best place to ride. Try and find a safe spot on flat ground. One last tip: take your time. Learning happens gradually and requires repetition over longer and longer sessions. Don't plan on heading off on a ride on your first time out.

Trottinette enfant : en équilibre sur deux roues


Pour les premiers pas – ou plutôt : pour les premiers tours de roue –, privilégiez des lieux peu fréquentés (parking, résidence, grande place) : inutile de stresser l’enfant (et vous-même) pour rien.

Vous en avez probablement vous-même déjà fait l’expérience, en trottinette rien ne vaut le confort d’un sol lisse. Trouvez donc un endroit adéquat et pas trop pentu.

Enfin, un bon conseil : prenez le temps. L’apprentissage est quelque chose de progressif, fait de répétitions et de séances de plus en plus longues. N’imaginez pas partir dès la première fois en balade.


Once your child is on their scooter, one thing is sure: they won't stay there for very long. Go on and get started! This is a great way to spend time with your child outdoors.


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