Skating is the perfect activity for slimming down, turning your fat into muscle, and developing a toned body. It gives your lower body a particularly good workout, helping you get fit in a whole new way.


An endurance sport like cycling and running, skating quickly gets rid of fat and builds muscle. In fact, one hour of skating can burn around 500 calories!

The movement of skating will build up muscles and reduce the amount of fat on both your upper and lower body.

Skates are easy to use, don't require huge amounts of effort to have an effect, and let you enjoy yourself with friends and family at the same time.

Sculpter son corps avec le roller


The skating motion works your gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus muscles. Ladies, if you're trying to get rid of saddlebags, skating is ideal. Since it combines different movements and works both your thighs and calves, it helps build and stretch all of these muscles. If you do one or two hours of skating per week, you'll soon start to notice the effect on your calves, thighs and bum.

Gentlemen, skating also calls on your abs and lower back, resulting in a flatter stomach - perfect after a few too many fry ups!


Skating can be done anywhere, at any time. Whether it's for getting around or for doing sport, skating helps you stay fit and tones your body. This is why, besides doing sport, you'll want to adopt a healthy lifestyle: eating a balanced diet, stopping smoking, improving your hydration, etc. On top of taking care of yourself and getting into a good habit with your eating, skating will be one of your best New Year's resolutions.

What's more, because you do it outdoors, it can improve your mental health by relieving stress. You'll be more relaxed, less stressed, and you'll feel lighter and more in tune with your body.


Whether you skate alone, with friends, with family or with a club, it's a great sport for having fun and turning fat into muscle with few restrictions.


Randonnée, freestyle ou hockey, à chacun ses rollers !

Deciding on roller skates isn't simply a choice between inline skates and quad skates! There are many activities that are done on skates. Rollerblading, freestyle, hockey, roller derby, artistic skating: each activity requires its own type of skates!

Nos conseils pour apprendre à faire du roller

Before experiencing the pleasure of gliding along cycle routes or through town, learn the basics of the sport that is accessible to all. Here are a few exercises to help you start off, including how to stand up, push off, brake and turn!

Nos conseils pour entretenir vos rollers

As you explore the roads and cycle routes on a daily basis, your skates will naturally pick up a bit of dirt and dings here and there. So they will of course need a little maintenance from time to time. When you repair your skates, you prolong their lifespan. In order to do this, you'll need to learn how to replace the main parts that get worn such as the bearing, wheels and brake pads. Remember that your glide performance and safety depend on them!