Skate, rollers, trottinette : les moyens de transport urbain alternatifs 

Skateboards, roller skates, scooters: alternative means of urban transportation!

Are you looking for a fun and practical way to move through the city? You're tired of cars, you prefer to keep public transportation to small doses, and biking isn't your cup of tea... Turn to some alternative means of transportation: skateboards, roller skates, and scooters!


Alternative means of transport perfect for urban travel!

Alternative means of urban transport like scooters, skateboards and roller skates have had the wind in their sails over the past few years, and you can understand why! For urban travel, these three activities are better suited and more practical than cars, public transport, or even bikes.

There are numerous advantages:

- a clean and eco-friendly means of transportation;

- the possibility of daily exercise while travelling around;

- more freedom of movement, since you can travel in pedestrian areas and take public transport with a scooter, skateboard, or roller skates;

- no risk of theft and no parking, since you take your transportation with you to work or school;

- you avoid the risk of cars since you are travelling on the sidewalk and not in the road.



Scooters are easy to use

Children and adults use scooters to move everywhere in the city, including travelling several kilometres! Scooters are the easiest alternative means of transportation. You keep your balance using the handlebars, just like on a bike.

Urban scooters also have the advantage of being collapsible and easy to transport, despite being bulkier than skateboards or roller skates. If the sidewalk is slightly uneven, it's not a problem: the large wheels absorb rough ground and allow you to roll smoothly.


Skateboards are easy to transport

Using skateboards for daily travel requires a bit of practice. Yes, you have to be sure to fully control your balance on the rolling board before you start. You'll need a few weeks of training before being able to freely travel through the city.

Skateboards are the alternative means of urban travel that are easiest to transport. There is nothing to put away, you carry your board under your arm and go right into a store or onto the bus.

But be careful of rough ground. Also note that to get onto the sidewalk you'll need to get off your board unless you have practised enough to land an ollie!


Rollerblades, perfect for weaving everywhere

Rollerblades are child's play if you have ever gone ice skating or roller skating when you were younger! For everyone else, this sport requires a bit of practice before using it for daily travel.

Rollerblades are the most manoeuvrable alternative means of urban transportation and the fastest for weaving everywhere! Rollerblades are one with you, so you can easily control your movements, avoid pedestrians, and get off of sidewalks with ease.

Just remember to bring your spare shoes in your backpack, to avoid keeping your skates on at the office...



Are you tempted by these alternative means of transportation? Before using your skates, scooter, or skateboard to go do your errands, be sure you can control the brakes. One you have perfectly mastered your mount, all that's left is testing out your first urban travel!

Olivier Butel
Digital Leader Oxelo
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