Practical, easy-to-use and perfect for town, scooters can often offer a good alternative to motorised transport such as cars. But what about doing your shopping? With our tips, searching for a parking space will be a thing of the past as you roll out your scooter on shopping trips.


Baggage accessories will obviously vary depending on your scooter model and how sturdy it is.


If you have a classic scooter, you're going to need bags to transport your purchases:

a backpack, which will distribute the weight across your shoulders and won't hinder your movements;

light, sturdy bags, such as canvas bags, that you can hang on the handlebars or your shoulders

If you're a bit more ambitious, you could even go for a cargo scooter with a large storage compartment in front of the handlebar. But don't forget that, despite these scooters being relatively compact to pack away, they're much bulkier to ride. And it's your choice if you want to use the box as a bumper…


Once your scooter's loaded up, it's less easy and less practical to ride. Technically you're considered to be a pedestrian, so it's best to avoid encroaching too much on any flower beds.

To make getting around as easy as possible, choose:

- the right place: wide, clear spaces such as open markets or supermarkets;

- the right time: avoid peak shopping times as much as possible to minimise the risk of running over someone's feet;

- a lock: if you want to park

To help you come up with the optimal route, you could use apps that use geolocation and show you the most busy periods. You could even use the highway code app if you have an accident.


As well-equipped and organised as you are, your mobility will nevertheless be reduced by your purchases. So you should choose them wisely. We're not asking you to completely rewrite your shopping list, but we do recommend basing it on your "vehicle":

- avoid heavy or bulky products such as packs of water, even though the effort it takes to transport them will mean you need to drink some of their contents on the journey;

- be careful with fragile products, such as eggs, and those that are sensitive to getting jolted, such as fizzy drinks, which could end up all over the floor when you open them at home

And don't overload your handlebar. More than one rider has lost control because of the weight of their shopping.


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