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Scootering in the rain

Don't let the rain stop you using your scooter for your daily journeys! So how should you use your scooter in the rain without freezing or arriving at work soaked to the skin? Here are a few tips to help you equip yourself for wet weather and scoot along safely on even the wettest roads...


Don't fear the rain !

Don't let the rain discourage you and keep you from enjoying your urban scootering! It's only a few drops of water! Why not follow the example of cyclists: just a few simple pieces of equipment and you'll stay warm and dry.
The most important thing is to keep up your motivation to continue using your scooter!

Make the most of the advantages of urban scootering: if a rainstorm starts up on your journey, fold up your scooter and shelter until it passes! If you can't wait, take public transport with your folded scooter... You can enjoy your scooter again as soon as the rain stops!

Most modern scooters come ready equipped with mudguards. In the event of rain, you can be safe in the knowledge that the mud and water won't splash onto your clothes!


Faire de la trottinette quand il pleut


Handy equipment for scootering in the rain

Wear waterproof clothing when scootering

Waterproof clothing is essential for bad weather! Wearing a rain poncho or waterproof trousers and a raincoat will keep you nice and dry. Then simply take them off and hang them up to dry as soon as you reach your destination!

Handy tip: waterproof cycling clothes are perfect for scootering!

Do you have waterproof shoes?

You push off using your foot when scootering... so you'll probably end up putting your foot in a puddle at some point. To avoid the annoyance of a soaking wet sock, wear waterproof shoes. Flexible, waterproof walking shoes will keep your feet nice and dry when you push off!

Keep your things in a waterproof bag!

The rain can soak both the user of the scooter and their bags! Use a waterproof bag to make sure you and your important work documents arrive safe and dry.


Good habits for scootering in the rain

Watch out for slippery spots!

After a storm, the road and other areas might become very slippery, particularly in intense heat. Nothing too difficult, but it's better to take precautions by slowing down when going across puddles, pedestrian walkways etc. Look out for them, and you'll be able to cruise along without being surprised by these wet "obstacles"!

Slow movements

When the pavement is wet, it's best to avoid large, sudden movements. Because the street is somewhat different to navigate when it's wet. If you turn the handlebars too quickly, or learn too much, your wheels might skid.

Remember your stopping distances...

If you have a brake on the rear wheel or a brake on the handlebars like on a bike, remember that your stopping distances will be longer in wet conditions. To help your scooter brake, anticipate the actions of other road and pavement users, and keep your distance from pedestrians.

Be visible!

Pedestrians and road users should be able to see you from afar in wet weather when vision is reduced. Stay visible by wearing reflective clothing, and why not also use a front and rear light while you're at it.

Les reflexes en trottinette sous la pluie


With just a few pieces of extra equipment and a bit of extra care, you'll be ready to take on the rain! But it's not just a few drops of rain that you need to worry about spoiling your scootering...

Olivier Butel
Digital Leader Oxelo
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