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Initier votre enfant à la trottinette : quelques exercices pratiques
Kids' scooters are both a great way of getting around and a way for them to learn balance and coordination! Take advantage of a kids' scooter for your first family outings. Plus it's a first step towards their first bike ride…
Totale protection : comment bien protéger les jambes ?
Skating and scootering are popular not just with kids but among teens and adults too. Whether you do one of these sports for fun, sport or commuting, protecting your legs is essential if you want to stay injury-free. Here's a closer look at the key equipment you need for your legs.
Protection totale : comment bien protéger sa tête ?
Whether you get around by skateboard, skates or a scooter, you should always wear proper protections. When it comes to choosing the right head protection, we've got a few tips to make things easier.
la mobilité urbaine durable
Urban mobility reflects changing lifestyles. Nowadays people are looking for sustainable modes of transport that respect the environment.
5 conseils à donner à son enfant en trottinette
Is your little one learning to ride a scooter? Don't panic! We've got a few tips for beginners to keep them safe and still let them feel like a super hero.

If your scooter trips are relatively long and regular, you will notice that your pushing leg gets tired and you will go more and more slowly... There is just one solution: learn to change your pushing leg from time to time, in order to gain endurance and balance your strength. We will explain the right reflexes to have in order to push both feet like one person!

Les 7 bonnes raisons de préférer la trottinette urbaine à votre voiture

Adult scooters are rapidly gaining in popularity! Only recently come to be considered as a viable mode of urban transport, it is no longer surprising to see adults riding about on scooters.
If you're still not sure about them, here's 7 good reasons to use a scooter over your car!

Circuler en ville en trottinette

The scooter, a rising phenomenon in towns and cities, is quickly becoming a practical mode of urban transport. A scooter provides great freedom to move around town, but there are some basics rule that should be followed to safely use your scooter in town. Take a read of our guide!