Nos conseils pour entretenir vos rollers

Maintain and repair your skates to extend their lifespan

As you explore the roads and cycle routes on a daily basis, your skates will naturally pick up a bit of dirt and dings here and there. So they will of course need a little maintenance from time to time. When you repair your skates, you prolong their lifespan. In order to do this, you'll need to learn how to replace the main parts that get worn such as the bearing, wheels and brake pads. Remember that your glide performance and safety depend on them!


How to change the brake pads on roller skates


Don't wait for all of the rubber on your brake pads to wear out completely before changing them! Remember, they're a key safety element for your skates : regularly check the wear on your brake pads. When you notice that the rubber is mostly worn, replace them. It's very simple to do.

You simply need to unscrew the screws on the brake pad. Then use an Allen key to remove the last wheel from your skates, the wheel closest to the brake pad. Slide the brake pad out of the holder to remove it.

All done? Then time to replace it! Position the fixing nut provided with your new brake pad. Install the new brake pad by sliding it into the holder. Screw the fixing screws back in and tighten. Don't forget to put the back wheel back on.


How to change bearings?


Changing the bearings on your skates shouldn't take any longer than 30 minutes. First, remove all the wheels using your two Allen keys.

Then, remove the bearings for each wheel. You should use a bearing extractor to do this. Insert the tool into the centre of the bearing and lever against it. The bearing should slowly move out of its holder.

Be careful, this operation should not be carried out using a screwdriver or other tool. If you do, you risk damaging your bearings or your wheels.

Now it's time to position the new bearings: Insert the first by simply pressing with your hand, then insert the spacer. Then insert the second bearing. Your wheel is now ready to be reinstalled. You now need to repeat this for the 7 other wheels on your skates!


Changing wheels around


It is common for wheels on skates to be swapped around and turned the other way because of uneven wear. Why? When we skate, we often skate with our skates angled inwards to push off and turn.

To make sure you get the most out of your wheels, make sure you swap them around! Swap them in pairs. Swap:

- the front two left wheels with the rear two right wheels

- the front two right wheels with the rear two left wheels

Remove the wheels using your Allen keys and swap the wheels. Be careful not to mix them up when you remove them! Swap them step by step to prevent this.

If you don't yet have the right tools, a 3-in-1 skate key is available from Oxelo, and includes 2 Allen keys and a bearing extractor. Highly practical, it includes everything your need to repair your skates!


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