Learn skateboarding tricks

Learn to skateboard with the Oxelo Tips! Discover all of the tips that will help you get into skateboarding and learn the basics. 360 flips, ollies, dropping in... You'll soon have got to grips with all of the best skateboarding tricks.

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Protection totale : comment bien protéger sa tête ?
Whether you get around by skateboard, skates or a scooter, you should always wear proper protections. When it comes to choosing the right head protection, we've got a few tips to make things easier.
Le lexique du skateboard

For those beginners who don't understand a single word of the "skateboardian" language, Oxelo has prepared a glossary so you don't get lost in all the skate jargon.
Ollie, Goofy, Curb, Nose… Here are the essentials to remember!