Comment transporter une trottinette sans se sâlir

How to transport a scooter without getting dirty?

So you've already started using a scooter as a mode of urban transport. Folding, unfolding and transporting your scooter by hand appeals to you... But you're worried about how to stay clean when transporting it... A transport bag and a few good habits are the solution!


Cleaning your scooter for a gleaming clean finish 

There's one simple habit you can work on, even without a transport bag: clean your scooter regularly! One quick wipe with a cloth can get rid of dirt, dust or any greasy residue.

If you keep your scooter clean, no need to worry about getting your clothes dirty when transporting it! All you need to do is avoid contact with the wheels: those are the only parts that might still be dirty.

To make sure they stay clean, carry a small cloth with you, or keep one at work to give them a quick wipe when needed! Store it in a drawer, it doesn't take up much space and can save you time and effort!

Tips : if you use a transport bag, don't forget to wipe the scooter before putting it in the bag. That stops the bag getting dirty after only a couple of uses!


Dirty areas to avoid on your scooter 

When putting your scooter in its transport bag or carrying it on the metro, avoid holding it by the dirty areas. Avoid holding your scooter by:

  • the wheels and mudguards: as these areas are directly exposed to the ground. You might have ridden over mud or other dirt without realising... Avoid finding this out by accident when you hold your scooter by the wheel!

  • the deck: as you'll always be resting your feet on it when you use your scooter.

  • the folding system: as this might be a bit oily... particularly if you've recently oiled it!

Keep your hands clean, and develop the habit of avoiding holding your scooter by these areas. Hold your scooter by the handlebars!

Some models such as the EF Town scooter even have a transport handle on the side of the steering column, underneath the handlebars. A practical solution for transporting your urban scooter.


Les zones salissantes à éviter en trottinette


A scooter transport bag, the handy accessory for staying clean!

The best solution to stop yourself from getting dirty when transporting a scooter: a transport bag! Use a suitable transport bag to avoid getting dirty on the way to work or a meeting. You can fold your scooter, then simply put it in the bag to store in your car, carry on public transport, or climb the stairs in your office.

The advantage of the transport bag is that once the scooter is inside, you don't risk getting dirty: the bag covers your scooter entirely. It's also easier to transport as you can carry it using the useful shoulder strap.

Just a few seconds is all you need to fold or unfold the bag, and it's even easier to store it: hang it from the handlebars or store it in a rucksack.

Le sac de transport de trottinette


Travelling with a scooter and staying clean is a piece of cake! So in short... whether in a suit or casual clothes, be confident and get scooting!

Olivier Butel
Digital Leader Oxelo
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