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How do you choose your fitness skates?

Choosing your fitness skates depends on several criteria such as your standard of skating and the kind of skating you do. To find out more about fitness skates, take a look at our advice for helping you choose the right pair.



Skates are composed of a boot, frame and wheels. The boot needs to be the right size for your foot. It's important to choose the right size so that you get a snug fit. Make sure your ankle is held firmly in place with a reliable fastening system.

Whenever you buy skates, you should always try them on first to make sure they fit. The best thing is to keep them on your feet for a while and move around in them to make sure you feel comfortable in the model you're testing. The rigidity of the shell attached to the boot varies. The one you choose will depend on the kind of skating you do. The frame can be composite or aluminium. This is the part that transfers your foot's pressure to the floor. Composite is more supple and comfortable, but offers a less responsive glide. Aluminium is better if you already have good technique. It gives you a more precise glide and better feel.

The wheels you choose will depend on a few different criteria: the bearing, hardness and diameter. The bearing quality, which determines how quickly they rotate, is indicated by the ABEC number. All of the numberings are odd. The lower the number, the slower the wheels rotate. As for the hardness, it's expressed by a number ranging from 74 to 100 accompanied by the letter A. The closer you get to 100A, the more responsive, fast and durable the wheel and the less it absorbs vibrations and sticks to the floor.

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Choosing your fitness skates depending on your skate level 

If you're a beginner skater, we recommend a model that has a composite frame, soft wheels and ABEC 3 bearings. This will give you a smooth and comfortable glide while helping you balance.

If you know how to turn and brake and are starting to be able to control your skates, go for ones that give you a better feel. Opt for fitness skates with an aluminium frame, harder wheels, and a minimum of ABEC 5 bearings. This type of skate will let you ride precisely while maintaining a good level of responsiveness and comfort.

The better your skating gets, the higher the bearings number and wheel hardness number should be. The reason you need to be more advanced for higher numbers is that you lose grip and get more vibrations, but on the other hand you get a better feel and more precision.

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Fitness skates, however, are designed for a very specific kind of use. With their four wheels in a row, as well as commonly having a rear braking system, they are ideal for riding on flat ground. Certain models can also be adapted to downhill skating by having a braking system that is triggered as you rock your leg forwards.

This should include a helmet, elbow pads, kneepads, and potentially wrist guards. Also be aware that you can get specific fitness skates for men and for women that are adapted to their different body shapes.


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