Comment choisir son longboard ou son cruiser

How to choose your longboard or cruiser

Not sure whether you need a longboard or a cruiser? Don't worry, Oxelo has plenty of advice for helping you choose the right model so that you can have endless fun gliding around town.



Longboards, also known as longskates, are a special kind of skateboard and are much longer than standard boards. This gives you a whole different experience of gliding along. In fact, on a longboard you can reach very high speeds. The experience is often compared to that of surfing or snowboarding thanks to the longboard's ability to handle curves. Tricks are also different on a longskate than they are on a classic skateboard. This kind of board isn't really designed for doing jumps, so it's more about doing cool slides and braking while wearing classic skateboarding protective gear and helmets.

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As for the cruiser, it's a smaller, thinner version of the skateboard. This type of board is very easy to handle and is more suited to getting from A to B than doing complicated tricks or jumps. Cruisers are generally no bigger than 75 cm. They come with soft wheels that let them easily glide around town on bumpy pavements. They're really comfy to use and let you reach a good speed.

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First thing's first, you need to decide what you want to get out of your board before you can go ahead and choose one. Not everyone does boardsports in the same way, so while cruisers suit some people better, longboards are best for others.

If you want to weave through town, you need a practical and comfortable board to get you around quickly, so a cruiser is best. The deck of a cruiser is generally made from very supple plastic or wood. It measures between 55 and 75 cm. Lots of cruiser models don't have grips on the deck of the board, or a marked curve. This means that they aren't designed for doing jumps and tricks.

As the name suggests, longboards have a much longer deck. They're between 80 and 106 cm long. The shortest ones are designed for riding around cities, while the longer ones can even be used for doing slaloms. The materials used to make longboards also vary. You can get wooden ones, as well as fibreglass, carbon, etc. The material will dictate how supple the deck is and will also make you more comfortable by cushioning vibrations

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Wheel hardness is measured using a scale from 65A to 100A. This means they are either soft or hard. Beginners should go for a softer wheel – with a smaller number before the A – to make them more comfortable, as well as to give them more grip.

For people wanting better performance and speed, go for a hard wheel which, despite more vibrations, will glide smoothly over the ground and help you reach higher speeds. For cruising and downhill riding, wheels between 75A and 85A are the best choice.

For doing slides, you should get wheels between 85A and 97A. The size of the wheel also affects the speed and comfort. The bigger it is, the more stable it will be. This kind of wheel is therefore recommended for beginners. On the contrary, more experienced skaters should go for smaller wheels that are faster and easier to handle.

Trucks are skateboarding accessories that form a link between the wheels and the deck. How you use your longboard or cruiser depends on how they are mounted and attached. Trucks are generally mounted underneath the deck, but they can also be screwed on through the deck if it has holes for this purpose. This makes certain actions, such as turning, easier. Low trucks prove advantageous for experienced skaters, while high trucks are recommended for novices. Longboard or Cruiser: choose your side!

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If you want to take things a bit more seriously, we've got plenty of tips to help you master the best boarding tricks.

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