Kids' scooters are both a great way of getting around and a way for them to learn balance and coordination! Take advantage of a kids' scooter for your first family outings. Plus it's a first step towards their first bike ride…


Scooters are an excellent way of developing kids' balance, coordination and spatial awareness.

Standing proudly on their brand new scooter, your child will learn to ride at their own pace by pushing with their foot, as well as beginning to balance naturally! Scootering is a good exercise for steering, turning, avoiding obstacles and judging distance. And your child is the one in charge! Just make sure to keep an eye on them, particularly if they're a beginner.

The advantage of a scooter over a bike is that your child isn't learning to balance and pedal at the same time. With a scooter, it's also easier to stop or avoid falling if you lose your balance: just put your foot down!

Trottinette enfant : en équilibre sur deux roues


With your child on their scooter, it's time for a family outing! But only once they can scoot along without help, of course…

So where should you go for this first outing? Don't go too far afield to begin with. Small distances away from car traffic are safer. A playground, alleyway or cycle path is just the ticket!

And don't be afraid to use the kids' scooter for everyday journeys such as the school run, going to the park or popping to the shops. Even better, get yourself on a scooter or bike to keep your child company!
Practical tip: watch out for bumpy pavements. Scooter wheels are very small so a hole or piece of gravel could knock your child off course.


Kids' scooters are also a training aid before learning to cycle. Your child will have already mastered the basics of balance, coordination and spatial awareness. It means that they can already get around on their own. All that remains is to teach them to pedal and brake on their bike!


Get them into good safety habits from a young age by making them wear a helmet on their scooter. And don't forget to set a good example yourself!



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Travelling with your child on a scooter, is this mission impossible? Are you so sure? Oxelo is proving it isn't with the "child carrier" made for scooters. This simple accessory allows you to travel with your child in complete safety, without losing the joy of using your scooter. Introduce your child to the joys of sliding at a very young age…


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