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5 conseils à donner à son enfant en trottinette
Is your little one learning to ride a scooter? Don't panic! We've got a few tips for beginners to keep them safe and still let them feel like a super hero.
Le top 10 des bienfaits du roller
Combining the pleasure of gliding along with a workout for your muscles and balance, fitness skating is a sport that will win over even the most grudging participants. Take a look at its top 10 benefits.
Le roller pour maigrir
Skating is the perfect activity for slimming down, turning your fat into muscle, and developing a toned body. It gives your lower body a particularly good workout, helping you get fit in a whole new way.
Comment stocker une trottinette
Although scooters give you a certain level of freedom once you're on the go, they're still relatively bulky when you want to stop and store them. So here are a few practical pointers for storing your scooter at home or outdoors.
Les règles à suivre dans un skatepark

To make things easier, there are certain rules (that you'll learn with experience) that aren't written on skatepark signs, but are just as important - or even more important - for your safety and the safety of other riders.
Here is a list of rules to follow.

If your scooter trips are relatively long and regular, you will notice that your pushing leg gets tired and you will go more and more slowly... There is just one solution: learn to change your pushing leg from time to time, in order to gain endurance and balance your strength. We will explain the right reflexes to have in order to push both feet like one person!

Se déplacer avec un enfant sur une trottinette adulte

Travelling with your child on a scooter, is this mission impossible? Are you so sure? Oxelo is proving it isn't with the "child carrier" made for scooters. This simple accessory allows you to travel with your child in complete safety, without losing the joy of using your scooter. Introduce your child to the joys of sliding at a very young age…

Randonnée, freestyle ou hockey, à chacun ses rollers !

Deciding on roller skates isn't simply a choice between inline skates and quad skates! There are many activities that are done on skates. Rollerblading, freestyle, hockey, roller derby, artistic skating: each activity requires its own type of skates!


You can do loads of things with a skateboard: jump an obstacle, slide on a rail, make smooth curves, go down a mountain road or even go to work... But each practice has its own board. Over the years, skateboarding has split into several disciplines: skateboard, longboard and skate cruiser. Which board for which discipline? We explain it all!